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Mobile Application Development

Yog Infotech Mobile Application Development

At Yog Infotech we have the skills and experience to develop custom mobile business applications. In most cases, the mobile application will be connected to another web-based administration application used to monitor and manage mobile staff.

Our team is experienced in developing iPhone, iPad, Android based mobile applications.

Android Development: Google’s Android operation system for mobile has been a successful smartphone that is continuously gaining a increasing share in the market, and that already has a large community of users and applications. At Yog Infotech we are proud to offer Java development for the Android platform for our clients who choose Google’s Android as their mobile platform of choice.

iPhone & iPad Development: Apple’s iPhone and iPad have been exceptionally successful in the marketplace due to the amazing user experience and touch feel that they bring to the users. At Yog Infotech we have the knowledge and experience of developing iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad applications using Swift programming language.